What's Under Your Pillow? - Teeth!


 Teeth for the tooth fairy - Unfortunately the presence of these teeth every night won't bring you more and more loose change...

  • SIZE • 50cm x 75cm - housewife.
  • COMPOSITION • 220 count organic Fair Trade cotton with embroidered design on the underside.
  • COLOUR • Soft organic white - whitens further with detergents that contain optic whiteners.
  • CARE • Machine washable at 40 degrees. Your pillowcase will come packaged in a biodegradable cello sleeve, with label.
  • STORY • This embroidered illustration collection features objects that you might find hidden under a pillow - if you were Lady Macbeth or Dirty Harry that is. The jewel-like embroideries nestle sweetly in the corner of these very smart pillowcases. There's something for everyone - a colt, a dagger, an open book, a glock, a spider and even a small stash of money.