Meet the maker

Emily draws from her surroundings and ancestral heritage to make hand crafted pieces using hand weaving as well as hand and machine embroidery.

"There is something intangibly romantic about Emily’s work. Her use of ancient materials, traditional crafts and imagery of bare trees seem to evoke a sense of place and heritage that speaks to our rural ancestry. The Herdwick Geometric cushion, for example, uses the wool from a breed of sheep that have been in Cumbria for over 1,000 years and which are vital to maintaining the landscape. Sadly, farmers are often forced to burn the fleece as the wool is sold for less than the price it costs to pay someone to shear the sheep. By promoting this wool through Emily’s beautiful weaving we are helping to show how useful this fleece is and what a crime it is to destroy it." -  Samantha Allan, The Shop Floor Project.

If you are interested in commissioning Emily please contact for a quote and more information.

All designs © Emily Mackey. All rights reserved.

Emily is now based in East Sussex. 

From the archive is 'Inner City Weaver' with Emily Mackey by Luke Forsythe

Innercity Weaver from Luke Forsythe on Vimeo.